When to Hire a Meetings Management Company

If you work among teams of people, you know the impact of an engaging, productive and well-executed meeting. Meetings of all sizes and with different goals are likely at the heart of what you do. But knowing when to hire a meetings management company can be perplexing. What kinds of meetings warrant outside assistance from a third party? When should internal teams tackle the project instead? 

If you’re struggling to make the call or pitching the idea to team members, consider these 5 situations when hiring a meetings management company would be a great call:

When you want to take your meeting or event to the next level by growing attendance and increasing brand awareness.

This point alone might be enough for you. You want your business to thrive; you want to drive growth; and you want your upcoming meeting or event to be the turning point. This is a great time to expand your team to include the addition of highly experienced professionals and their networks. 

They’ll bring a wealth of ideas, contacts and strategies to the table. They’ll book incredible venues you might never have considered. They’ll share marketing insights that convert to real attendee growth. Plus they’ll add embellishments that delight you and your audience. There’s just a different feeling to an event that’s been given a professional touch.

When internal teams are maxed out and need bandwidth.  

This frequently happens with fast-growing companies. Their teams are working hard to build the products and services that drive their success. And even those that have specific events-focused roles may offer those teams plenty to do already between smaller, day-to-day meetings. 

If this is the case for your company, that means there’s no better time to get the word out about your brand. And yet no one has the bandwidth to plan the meeting that will make it happen.

In these situations delegation is key. Event planners step in here to own the meeting realm, from ideation all the way to post-event follow ups. That way you don’t have to be in two places at once, and your internal teams can keep owning their spheres of genius.

When internal teams are not event-focused roles and have other priorities.

Many companies don’t have internal teams that specialize in events. The teams they have lack experience in event management, whether it’s knowing which venues and lighting designers to call, how to negotiate a hotel contract or how to manage agreements with food and entertainment vendors. They simply don’t know what they don’t know.

A meetings management company like B Line Events brings in a team of professionals who have decades of experience managing logistics, coordinating vendors, and overseeing on-site operations. You get the benefit of their collective knowledge and expertise, without having to manage the to-do list.

When you don’t know the area well or want a fresh set of eyes.

If your meeting is taking place in a city you aren’t familiar with, you’re likely relying heavily on Internet searches to point you in the right direction. Professional planners will open the door to the city’s real treasures, the kind that take an insiders’ scoop to access.

Roughly the same formula applies if you’re event is taking place in your company’s home city. Instead of Internet searches, though, you may be relying on what you already know. A great meeting brings new ideas and networks to the table, and working with meetings management professionals will help make that happen. 

When you want to save time and money.

A meetings management company spends the energy and finesse warranted to plan a truly successful meeting. They skillfully negotiate contracts to help you save on venues, vendor and swag. And they free up your time and your teams’ time so you can work on other projects, knowing the meeting is taken care of.