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Our Founder Is Turning 50!

Our intrepid leader, Birgess Angelus, is turning 50 this month! It’s been two decades since B Line Events was born, and with these important milestones this year we sat down with Birgess to chat about women in business, the artistry of event production, and what it’s like turning 50. First things first, happy birthday! Are […]
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Using Events as an Employee Retention Tool

A memorable, well-executed event can benefit a company in countless ways, with boons ranging from increasing brand awareness, to tapping into new client networks, to relaying important information to staff.  But there’s another simple yet often overlooked reason many successful companies host fun, consistent events. Savvy businesses use events, retreats, happy hours and a host […]
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When to Hire a Meetings Management Company

If you work among teams of people, you know the impact of an engaging, productive and well-executed meeting. Meetings of all sizes and with different goals are likely at the heart of what you do. But knowing when to hire a meetings management company can be perplexing. What kinds of meetings warrant outside assistance from […]
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